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Our goal at Perfect Computing Solutions is to analyze a problem and come up with an efficient, direct (somtimes not so direct) solution

In the baking world, the problem was old recipes. What do you do with those old recipes that are delicious but serve 5 people while you need it for 30 people?
How about grandma's old sacred cook recipe?  How about communications in this country is no longer private. Corporate Espionage is everywhere in business as well the government .
Just going through data files and storage of useless chatter. Problems solved,....

Encrypted Chat Messenger
No encryption key is included as  pre-installed encryption keys are a security risk. Handles encryption up 10k bit. Yes i know what you are thinking but check out the catalog to see more on that
The highest level of encryption has been 4096 and that level is protected and not available and heavily guarded. With quantum computing breaking out, encryption standards will soon be outdated
This encrypted Chat messenger has the ability to use quantum level encryption

Encryption King ~ Coming Soon

Chef's Dream

Scan in your recipe card as a picture and attach it to your recipe. (Recipe still needs to be entered manually for shopping list and scaling

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