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Chef's Dream 2018 ~ An application designed to help clean out your recipe case, make recipe storage easier,
and simplifying the task of scaling your recipes up or down. Check out some of the screenshots:

It offers a centralized recipe area. This is the startup screen. As you click through the tabs, the recipes
are automatically refreshed for each category.

This little gem of a tool, we call the Recipe Scaler. It allows you to import whole recipes and scale them up or down!

This part of the application is the Mix Master. Aptly named because of all the different mixtures of mesurements you can perform.
Recipe calls for a smidgeon but only yields 4 servings. How much do you need for your Thanksgiving day feast?

Create shopping lists with ease by emailing the ingredients for the dish to your phone. You can also make a custom shopping list.

Please use the Beta Reporting tool on the About page to submit your BETA Testing reports/suggestions

This application was designed to fill a gap in the culinary market. It makes it easy to see, shop for, and store your
favorite recipes  like never before.

The version available for download is classified as a beta Test version. Essentially fully functional but not yet refined.
The final version retail price when this Beta Test is complete will be $ 39.99. The Pro version with Food Costing wil be available for $ 69.99

As for now though, you can download your Beta Test Version here
If you need runtime files they are here.